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Labour market in Manitoba

The province of Manitoba has a total of 985,900 inhabitants, whereas the active population amounts to some 668,300 people who benefit from 632,100 jobs in manitoba while the number of unemployed is estimated at 36,300 persons. In terms of representativeness, the activity rate in this year 2014 amounted to 67.8 per cent at the time or the rate of employment is of 64.1 per cent and the unemployment rate 5.4 % one of the lowest in Canada.

In returning to labour market in Manitoba we found that during the first half of 2014 an increase has been recorded of 0.1 per cent, or 900 posts more compared with the previous year. A welcome increase after a loss of employment in the beginning of the year of 2300 jobs. For positions to full time they have the dimension in relation to the jobs to part-time. The trend on the labor market favors the self-employed person among the Manitobans who have increased from 3900. It is to be noted that the development of the autonomous work is triggered after a series of job loss consecutive especially at the level of the private sector to height of 5300 since May 2013, whereas in the public sector the loss has been fairly limited either 2300 over the same period and who was caught at the beginning of 2014.

With regard to labour market in Manitoba, the sectors that recruit the most in the province of Manitoba, there are on the communication, the marketing, the technologies of information, food, construction, accounting, mechanical, education, administration and the restoration. The interested persons by these sectors and having the skills and aptitudes necessary have more chance of picking up a position quickly in the region.